मत्स्य पुराण में वृक्षों की महिमा का बखान करते हुए कहा गया है कि - “दस कुओं के बराबर एक बावड़ी, दस बावड़ियों के बराबर एक तालाब, दस तालाबों के बराबर एक पुत्र, और दस पुत्रों के बराबर एक वृक्ष होता है।

The greenGENE Dream

To maintain trees TODAY so that they comfort and take care of the health of the FUTURE generations.

The concept was created for spreading awareness about conservation and preservation of trees, and promoting organized plantation.




We Protect
We Care
We Maintain
We Monitor

Thoughts behind the concept

Green cover is depleting rapidly! Even if we plant new plants today, it will take years for them to grow into healthy trees. Also, most of these plants do not make it beyond few years due to lack of care.

So, it has become really important to focus on conversation of trees.

greenGENE is a campaign that uses technology for executing conservation in the best way possible with the help of geo-mapping etc. ultimately leading to the maintenance of the eco-balance.

  • Giving identity to TREES by geo tagging.
  • Freeze GREEN memories to preserve trees.
  • Get TREE growth and health by a simple mobile App
  • Inspired by GREEN WEALTH thought of Hon. PM
  • Tool for TREE Census and missing tree inspection
  • Ensure planted TREE survival and replacement
  • Set accountability to maintain trees.
  • Supporting organised plantation by GEO Mapping on Google map.
  • Associating one person with One tree to develop better bonding and ownership towards trees and plantation.
  • Almost negligible cost

Our Background

greenGENE is an initiative of Citizen COP Foundation. It is a registered non-profit organization based in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. The Foundation works towards a variety of social causes and leverages technology to address these issues. Our work area is spread across social issues like safety, women empowerment, juvenile justice, education, environment conservation and more.


How We Work

greenGENE will provide the placeholders and technology like geo-mapping to the experts for their research of organized planting. In this way, we can come up with a plan that will eventually lead to the good old times, when there were so many fruitful trees, that the hungry could easily feed themselves by picking up a few fruits out the many, right from the ground.

greenGENE dreams of leading to a beautiful green habitat, and leaving the same for our generations to come.

Our Mission

To identify places trees and grow 100,000 trees to give results in next 2 years.

Our Vision

To increase the survival rate of trees and grow more in an organized way.

Our Approach

Using real time technological tools for maintenance of the trees.

Get a QR tag for your trees!

Treat your trees as your family members!

We know how many of you are as passionate as us when it comes to trees. They aren’t just plants for us...they are our family! And family should be treated right! Family should be remembered long after it’s gone.

Sensing this passion, we have also come up with a concept where you can get a QR tag for your very own tree(s). Once again, our techie brains put the great technology to use, and came up with this convenience in the greenGENE application itself. Here are some reasons of why you should go for it:

Let’s freeze our green memories, and never let them go.

greenGENE App

The greenGENE app gives users a chance to volunteer in organized planting. They get the opportunity to plant and take care of the same. They can own a tree and check its status and maintenance schedule by scanning the QR code. With its intelligent use of technology, the application provides experts with data that is used to draft a plan for organized plantation.

Growing your Green Wealth

Well, what is Green Wealth? Your Green Wealth would refer to the number of trees that are under your name at a given time. By owning and caring for trees, you are making your necessary contribution in conserving green cover. With Green Wealth, you can proudly see the number of trees that are under your name at a given time. We make innovative use of technology to map trees under your name, thus giving you your Green Wealth.

Our Approach

Developing gratitude

The aim is to make people acknowledge the threats that we face, and to build a feeling of gratitude in their hearts towards plants.

Increase in plantation and preservation

By promoting ‘organized plantation’ we dream to intelligently increase plantation everywhere. We also want to promote simple ideas of preserving the already existing plants.

Maintenance of the new plants

We dream of having paid volunteers that help in executing organized planting. Through the greenGENE application they will click pictures of the plantation as a status update.

We are revolutionizing the gifting concept too!

Gift a Tree with a Gift Card

When you give a gift to your loved ones, friends or colleagues, you wish that the gift is value-adding, memorable and unique. Well, greenGENE Tree Gift Card has all these qualities.

By gifting a tree, you can make the recipient feel proud and allow them to contribute to society and environment for a better habitat. The recipient of gift card will be proud owner of the tree for two full years. This way, they will feel immensely special about your gesture towards them, and take a step towards building their Green Wealth.

Through the greenGENE application, they will be updated with the maintenance of their tree, executed by the volunteers. Each tree will have a QR code which will tell everything about the tree, to any person using the app.

greenGENE gift card makes any occasion memorable!


Our Esteemed Green Wealth Holders

greenGENE is proud to have several top level administrative and government officials as its Green Wealth holders. Here are few of our prestigious Green Wealth holders.





Trees Tagged



How to use your green wealth card?

When you become a proud citizen and contribute to the greenery of your nation by getting a tree under your name, you earn the right to be a green wealth card holder. Showing this card to particular associated vendors, will get you a discount. With these amounts of discounts you can recover the cost you spent for getting a tree in your name. It’s a win-win situation!

Associated Vendors

We are proud to be associated with the following vendors. They have joined us in motivating the citizens to increase their green wealth, by providing various discounts at their respective outlets to a green wealth card holder.



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