Thoughts behind the Concept​

Green cover is depleting rapidly! Even if we plant new plants today, it will take years for them to grow into healthy trees. Also, most of these plants do not make it beyond few years due to lack of care. So, it has become really important to focus on conversation of trees.

greenGENE is a campaign that uses technology for executing conservation in the best way possible with the help of geo-mapping etc. ultimately leading to the maintenance of the eco-balance.

  • Giving identity to TREES by geo tagging.
  • Freeze GREEN memories to preserve trees.
  • Get TREE growth and health by a simple mobile App
  • Inspired by GREEN WEALTH thought of Hon. PM
  • Tool for TREE Census and missing tree inspection
  • Ensure planted TREE survival and replacement
  • Set accountability to maintain trees.
  • Supporting organised plantation by GEO Mapping on Google map.
  • Associating one person with One tree to develop better bonding and ownership towards trees and plantation.
  • Almost negligible cost