The State of Conversational Customer Engagement: trends, predictions & best practices

conversational customer engagement

With the ability to collect and analyse customer data, these tools can provide personalised recommendations, helping customers find what they need quickly and easily. Conversational AI tools can also engage with customers at critical moments in their buyer’s journey, providing expert guidance and nudging them to purchase. With AI-powered recommendation engines, conversational AI tools can understand the intent behind purchases and suggest the right add-ons at the right time, leading to higher conversion rates and increased average cart values.

conversational customer engagement

When customers contact a brand, they aren’t thinking “What channel am I using? Mapping the customer journey is a valuable tool because it helps marketing and management review the customer experience from the customer’s point of view, not just from the company’s. The same thing can happen if you try to implement conversational customer service without first taking into account the customer’s journey. Their journey is the total of their experiences with the company and especially the current service issue.

Travel Chatbots: Disrupting Tourism & Transportation

Not only does it reduce the friction needed to start a conversation with you, it also creates an opportunity for you to reach out and help them check out. The result is better CX, seamless conversations across channels and touchpoints, and a better bottom line for the retailer. About the surveyIn November 2022, LivePerson commissioned an online survey of 2,517 consumers aged 18 and older, as well as 1,022 executives at B2C brands with more than 500 employees. Put our partnerships with world-class digital experience platforms to work for you. ||  Let our industry specialists show you how incorporating Artificial Intelligence in your digital marketing plan will increase your revenue. But there’s another side of the story that’s less discussed—how governments communicated with concerned citizens during the pandemic while providing personalized engagements.

  • A common example of this is recurring customers checking in on their delivery updates.
  • It relates to your customers on a personal level and it provides effortless omnichannel interactions so you can be where your customers are.
  • Using a conversational AI platform allows harnessing these data to increase the level of personalization with customers.
  • Normally, you will see this in the corner of the screen during the shopping process, such as on your website’s homepage.
  • Report moreover done a pestel evaluation within the business enterprise to study key influencers and boundaries to entry.
  • A simple pop-up on the bottom right of the screen is all it takes to open up a world of possibilities.

Your chatbot integrations can offer a pop-up coupon code to potential consumers who visit your site. Maybe they’ve had their eye on something for a while and keep coming back to see if it’s on sale. Getting a coupon from the chatbot might be just the push they need to finally make their purchase.


By using Conversational AI-powered chatbots, you can engage leads in real-time, reach out to at-risk customers, and provide them with targeted messages and other personalized offers. Chatbots are natural language text interfaces that are navigated by predefined linear flows. They primarily consist of canned, linear interactions based around pre-determined flows of conversation. As a result, every interaction with chatbots may seem more or less the same, because the chatbot will not have grown or learned from successive conversations.

What is conversational example?

Conversational writing is simple and easy to read: Slaughter the passive voice. Rather than write You're loved by me (passive), write: I love you (active). Rather than write Your email will be answered (passive), try: I'll answer your email within 24 hours.

With REVE Chat, you can realize the goal of offering conversational customer service and building a long-term relationship with your valued customers. Your business too can benefit from this feature to know if customers are having a good experience with your chatbots and based on that, can add value to conversations. Manage all conversations across web, mobile & social media to deliver real time engagement under one platform.

Scaled communication

People who emotionally connect to your company are much more likely to buy your items and promote your brand. However, establishing and sustaining a personal relationship with consumers may involve more work. Our communication preferences are much different today than they were just five years ago. People barely want to call or email with friends and family anymore, let alone businesses.

  • Through conversational AI, creating a chatbot that understands structured queries, unstructured queries, or a combination of both is the need of the hour.
  • Notably, those conversations could be a short one-off entreaty or response, or part of a longer-duration customer engagement until their queries are resolved.
  • Consider how your chatbot should speak to customers at different stages of the sales process, like asking “How was your recent order?
  • And, since major CPaaS providers are including email in their service offerings, it’s safe to assume that the future of email and customer communication is in good hands.
  • Every text message will be sent to your unique phone number, so you can reply to customer needs and build that all-important relationship.
  • Customers may abandon your services when they do not find the information they need quickly.

In the new white paper, the IDC analyzes a global survey of customer experience decision-makers at 355 companies to get insights on the use of conversational customer engagement and to assess its impact on business outcomes. In short, conversational commerce uses AI chatbots and other conversational interfaces to facilitate online interactions between businesses and customers. It can actually act as a customer engagement platform that can help you bolster your customer engagement strategy. However, the technology does intimidate small businesses with smaller budgets and limited resources. Your conversational AI chatbot is specially designed to be an all-in-one comprehensive customer service tool. Its sole purpose is to improve customer service and enhance the overall customer experience.

Conversational customer experience: Everything you need to know

Use video chat for product demos during the customer onboarding process to communicate the core positioning of your brand to the new users that has a positive impact on sales. Use REVE Chat’s mobile SDKs for iOS and Android platforms, to implement in-app messaging support for your users that drives higher engagement and increase retention. Although AI has the potential to transform customer service completely, only a few businesses have begun to investigate its application.

What is conversational CRM?

Conversational CRM is the new way businesses are managing their customer relationships–relying on new channels (like web and mobile messaging), new technologies (like AI that goes beyond the buzz), and new methods of staying on top of conversations (like fresh interfaces designed for agents).

It is another tool used to engage an audience based on their preference or communication styles with a brand. By offering customers multiple channels to engage, it also lets them choose how to communicate with a company. Conversational marketing is increasing in popularity due to its improved results of moving visitors through a funnel in a more streamlined fashion with increased conversion rates.

Why customers like conversational engagement

Conversational AI is the biggest support to the B2B organizations as it serves their customers in a way that entire queries are resolved which gives peace of mind to you and them. This book charts the many possibilities for a completely new form of interaction between customers and brands. Progress in this field will happen very fast, and the rewards for people who master the interface first will be disproportionately large.

conversational customer engagement

By engaging your customer at the right time, enabling conversational commerce actually helps boost sales. A wisely placed web widget, a proactive notification, and even a great AI chatbot can increase engagement by suggesting products and showing promotions. While chatbots have gained popularity, conversational AI is much broader and can be offered over text and voice. It allows you to go beyond simple chatbot responses and empowers you to perform a host of activities, such as blocking credit cards, upgrading data plans, filing insurance claims, and much more – directly from the chat window. Conversational AI can engage audiences with experiences that can truly be called conversational experiences. offers businesses a few methods to resume conversations with customers on different messaging channels.

Conversational AI in Financial Services

Chatbots can guide customers through complex processes, such as placing an order or filling out a form, by providing step-by-step instructions and answering any questions they may have. This can make the customer experience better and make it less likely that a customer will give up on their buy or application. In fact, they considered it impolite to wait more than 20 minutes to get a response and may also leave the conversation as well as your brand. Conversational messaging platforms help businesses stay available 24×7 for the customers to reach out to them. One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of supporting your clients’ agents is by introducing chatbots. Most customers want fast answers, and your clients can accommodate them with always-on support through chatbots.

This begins the relationship on a positive foot, especially when the conversation is more personalized for the user. Factoreal is a marketing automation cloud-based platform that is purpose-built to make any marketer a pro. We help businesses of every size to automate their campaigns in minutes and market their products & services better. While this way of conversational marketing may seem complex and expensive, our platform lets you build and deploy AI-powered chatbots in a few clicks with pre-built, customizable templates, without writing any code. Customer engagement is the best way to attract, retain, and build loyalty with customers.

Leveraging ChatGPT’s Conversational AI for Successful Customer Engagement

Much like it sounds, friction is any point in the customer’s journey that causes dissatisfaction. In the most basic concept, providing frictionless customer service means tracking the customer journey and enhancing the customer experience. When companies treat customer service as a conversation rather than a disjointed series of inquiries, the result is less friction and happier customers and service agents. With a focus on building engaging conversational experiences, the next step is building the future of customer engagement. Through conversational AI, creating a chatbot that understands structured queries, unstructured queries, or a combination of both is the need of the hour. Multichannel communications have empowered companies to connect with their customers on the channel of their choice, such as SMS, voice, email, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Instagram.

  • A proactive communication function is an essential part of outbound communications that many businesses lack.
  • As a result, the conversational AI market presents opportunities for businesses in various industries thanks to the availability of these tools.
  • Canned responses help in answering customers queries instantly, reduce the resolution time and improve customer experience.
  • This, in turn, has resulted in decrease in customer queries and customer engagement processes.
  • It should be simple to use and contain predefined statements in a list for your customers to choose from.
  • Conversational customer engagement and conversational marketing both come under conversational commerce.

27% of customers who used a customer service help chat weren’t even sure if it was a chatbot or a human person they interacted with. This number will probably increase over time as artificial intelligence continues to grow. Artificial intelligence has drastically changed the way companies manage customer experience. In 2022 alone, a conversational AI chatbot managed 1 out of every 6 customer service interactions. Additionally, many social messaging apps and AI conversational commerce chatbots can actually complete purchases right in the conversation, without requiring the customer to leave the app or visit a different page. As an omnichannel inbox, allows team members to collaborate on customer support across multiple channels from one place.

conversational customer engagement

How can I be conversational in customer service?

  1. Build trust and address customers by name.
  2. Use an omnichannel contact center platform.
  3. Make coaching conversational.
  4. Shift your language.
  5. Mirror your customers' tone.
  6. Reduce your response time.


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