Get a QR tag for your trees

Treat your Trees as your Family Members!

We know how many of you are as passionate as us when it comes to trees. They aren’t just plants for us…they are our family! And family should be treated right! Family should be remembered long after it’s gone. Sensing this passion, we have also come up with a concept where you can get a QR tag for your very own tree(s). Once again, our techie brains put the great technology to use, and came up with this convenience in the greenGENE application itself.
Here are some reasons of why you should go for it:
  • It helps you keep health records of trees systematically.
  • You will be updated with information like when it was planted, or last fertilized or trimmed.
  • You can take proper care of your trees.
  • It’s effortless.
Let’s freeze our green memories, and never let them go.

Our Esteemed Green Wealth Holders

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